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"I would recommend Aiden’s training sessions, and think very highly of his services. 

My son is a contracted academy player with Stevenage and found with covid having so much stop,start to his training this season. He needed more. 

Aiden has taught my son so much more than just football. He has taught him conditioning, balance, focus, fitness and nutrition skills. 

I really enjoyed watching his training sessions. They are very professional and set up. You can see Aiden’s passion for football and what it can offer. 

My son is mentally and physically exhausted after just one hour which shows exactly what you get for your money.

Will definitely be using him in the future as my son really enjoys his sessions and looks forward to the challenges Aiden has each week. 

5 star review"

Leo Cemmino.jpg

—  Leo Cemmino - Stevenage U15 Academy